My Second Run went well

My Second Run has gone fantastically well really, I wasn’t feeling like going AT ALL and if it wasn’t for my sister going I would have probably just said “sod it” and not of gone, but that’s what helps if you have a partner to go with you don’t want to let them down, it’s so much easier to let yourself down isn’t it? Things I have found out, even when you think you can run no more you actually CAN!! Your arms are very useful when trying to get that last ten seconds of running in the more you move them the more your legs will carry on!

The trainers I wear, are mens but I have very wide feet for a girl, I’m actually a size 6and half on one foot and seven on the other but I have to wear size 8 shoes and mens trainers ­čśŤ but they are comfortable and they are lovely and light, I’ll cry when they wear out ­čśŽ

My trousers are Umbro running trousers (they have a pocket at the front inside the trousers for change or a key or as I discovered yesterday my hubby’s mp3 to play the nhs running podcast! You know those tight things, don’t know the┬áofficial┬áname but they are┬ádefinitely┬ánot for the bigger lady i.e. ME!! I feel like my legs look like stuffed sausages in black tights, but my sister assures me I don’t look that bad, and I trust her, but you always judge yourself harshly don’t you? or is that just me?

Anyway my top I have two, one for when it gets to winter time (by that time I should be able to run 5k no probs) that I think is karrimor, will have to check when I get them out of the wash, and it is black (see the theme?) with pink stripes down the arms, it has a hook at the back for you ear phones too!!

Then I have the top I wore yesterday which is┬ádefinitely┬ákarrimor and it’s light blue and I LOVE IT!! But I can’t find an image of it anywhere O_O

so maybe when I go for my next run on saturday I shall post a pic of my red face and me in my “gear” so you can see for yourselfs ­čśŤ

My Couch to 5k battle! I want to be able to run the race for life this year I have until june the 5th I think it i,s to get fit enough, if you have read my profile about me you will understand why it is such a battle!!