My Third Run went well

Well not feeling like a run again, was feeling so light and positive in the morning, then me my hubby and child went for picnic, which was lovely and I still felt positive then something,I dunno what, happened between  4 and 6pm ‘cos that’s when my positivity  just up and left!! I really hope tomorrow I shall feel more positive, because  another thing  tomorrow (monday), is start of week two, which means running for 90secs and walking for 2mins, this week being the first week we have walked 90sec and run 60 sec, so this going to be a challenge, not that this first week hasn’t been, though we seem to be going further so I guess we are on track!

I am so glad that my sister is doing this with me because the last two runs just wouldn’t of happened at all, I need her there just so I go out!

Today I have dank lots, made sure I have eaten healthyish all day then I had a slip and ate some multiigrain pringles, caramel egg  and half an easter egg! yuk! see now I feel disgusting!!

But you know what, I’m just gonna dust myself off and try again, I keep reminding myself that this is for my nana and this is what has helped me do the last bit on the last 3 runs on saturday!

My sister is amazing she keeps saying I can do it and her positivity keeps me going even when I think I can’t so to Sioned, THANK YOU. xxx


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