Week two, day one! We did it!!

Nope, that isn't a baby!

More wibbly wobbly from me!!

Well somehow today some positivity jumped into my head and I was looking forward for our run, despite the fact we were going to have to run further! I have some pics of me in my running gear! 8 apoligise now!

The wobbly bits still a wobbling!

well there you go!

For some reason it showing this side ways will fix it later! anyway today’s run went exceptionally well I think, @wel considering we managed to do ALL the runs I think we should be very proud of ourselves!! The last 90sec run was a kller and we had to run into the wind was so against us, but u know what despite the fact that it felt hopeless and as if we wren’t moving we DID it, can you tell how pleased I am? haha, my poor sister has a poorly left leg too, am thinking it could be shin splints as she has flatish trainers, hope she ok for wednesday poor thing has lots going on,  yet she is by my side running this, she is amazing!!


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