My Crochet Creations

Here are some of my crochet creations


Thanks wolfdreamer for the pattern.

I love amigurumi it’s so quick and easy am just having to practice so I can get the mouths done properly and make sure I can adjust the hook so the stuffing doesn’t show through my pieces. Also trying to sew things on in the right place, but hey everyone loves a homemade teddy don’t they?!

I love the spiraling colours

Looks like a shell!

End result

Loving this hat, gotta find me more of this yarn

I made a seashell, and the pattern was good until the end where it said something along the lines of leave a long piece of yarn to weave in and shape like end of the shell, that’s too difficult for me to understand and I DID try, so I improvised!

Not too bad!

My seashell for school's "sea theme"

Well now my son is up, so that means so is my peacful time on the computer, until next time (when I shall show earlier creations and disasters of mine) Farewell. Keep safe.

Blessed Be



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