Week 3. couch to 5k

Well I did my first day of week 3, it’s very confusing to try and remember but I shall try and put it here, we walked the warm up walk, which is always 5min brisk walk. Then we did the following:

  • 90 sec running
  • 90 sec walking
  • 3 min running
  • 3 min walking
  • 90 sec walking
  • 3 min running
It went something like that, and you know what It was okay, I didn’t die, my chest didn’t cave in and my legs sure didn’t fall off, yeah they hurt a little, but we DID it, the hardest part was probably the last 40 sec of the last run, did it give us a buzz? HELL YEAH!! So boys and girls who may be reading this thinking, well she couldn’t of been that unfit/fat etc I’m going to give you a little treat, I’m going to show you some pictures of me before,
Bloated me!
when I was well over 17 and a half stone.
Fat face is all I can say!

Because you need to believe.

I lost weight with slimming world online, after having my son, and then I lost a bit more in their clubs, but you know I keep creeping back to 14stone 8 no matter what I do, so I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone, and lose weight and get fit in one, how? by running because I find that the most difficult, so my body finds it more challenging, right? well that’s my theory behind it anyhow.
One of me at my biggest!

No comment!

and one went POP!

No that isn't a beach ball!

This is what I looked like before my illness, unfortunately, the first digital camera’s weren’t as good as they are now, so here is a couple of good(ish) photos of when I was about 17-18 years old. (below)
Before any of the problems started!

At my happiest!

Smile for the camera.

My boyfriend at the time took these (he's now my hubby!)

Well now you have seen the before before pictures, the inbetween pictures and the current pictures, If I can do this, which I now definitely think I can so CAN YOU!! Yes you can, get yourself a pair of trainers, some jogging bottoms put a finger up at anyone who calls you names, (you always get them!) and keep going, because in the end YOU WILL WIN, you will achieve your goals and feel great about it, no it’s not easy, and I’m sure you will have your down days, but just yourself off and start again, find what helps you out of that black hole..mine? Country music, you can’t beat Dolly and Sugarland to boost you back up again!!

Well my second run for week 3 is tonight, I shall try and post if I can get on the computer. I normally upload on my phone, but it takes a while and I can only see half my post lol.

For now I will leave you with these inspirational pictures (I hope!). Good day all. Blessed be. xxx


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