Couch to 5k (week four!!)

Well I am very sorry I have neglected you, life sometimes just really get’s in the way! My son has decided this is the time to find his independence, by doing everything opposite to what his parent’s say (he’s four!), so now it looks like we have a bratty child (we don’t I promise!!)!! He also has decided that wetting himself is a fantastic way to get our attention (good or bad!), then I’ve had to fit work and homelife and runs around this, hence the lack of posts!! I will try to be better from now one, however I HAVE done all the runs up to week four, which is what we are on now, tommorow will be our last run of week four, yesterday, in that lovely wind, we managed to do all of the week four runs which was as follows:

  • 5 min warm up walk
  • 3 min running
  • 90 sec walking
  • 5 min running
  • 2 half min walking
  • 3 min running
  • 90 sec walking
  • 5 min running
Yep, we did all that! The first time we did that, I couldn’t do the last 5min running, we were in the rain and on different terrain (but that’s no excuse) I did try I must of ran two mins, then had a walk and then ran the last 40seconds, it was really really really tough, and yesterday? In the wind? we ran it ALL( our backs were to the wind but it was hard to keep pace, because the wind kept pushing us,) mind you there’s more of me, so I wasn’t been blown unlike my lovely running partner (my sister Sioned!) who was being blown away, as she’s light as a feather!! (sometimes there are advantages of not being slim eh? ;))
Here is one windswept pic!
Windswept? who us?

After the last 5 min run!

So anyways yesterday after achieving that last 5min run (and feeling like I could carry on still!), I felt ecstatic, It was an amzing thing, do you know what Sioned, said to me, she said did you notice we don’t have to convince ourselves to carry on running by saying “bikini body, bikini body” anymore?, well that shocked me!! We don’t seem to have to convince ourselves to run, we just know when to go and go!! Also we now go, oh it’s only a 3min run?!!! Interesting eh?
Here is my Victory pic taken by Sioned, (check out her blog to see her victory pic!) :
Me run 5 min? (never in a million years?!)


Oh and another unrelated little detail, I gave my hubby a birthday present of going to watch the heineken rugby final, here is one little pic from it enjoy! (until next time..!)

Northampton Vs Leinster

View from the stand!


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