week 4 (3rd and last run for this week!!)

Well again we have completed another whole week of running, I no longer have to convince myself to run, and despite the challenge I actually lok forward to our runs. Today nearly didn’t happen as just before we were going to go out my son decided he would crash into a chest drawers and cut a little gash in his head! I was thinking it was gonna be another A and E trip!! (he had his head glued for similar incident!!)

But I think he was in shock more, I checked on him and he sleeping fine, so that was just a small hiccup, but we went on the run and, decided we would run from the arena and along the path we will be runiing for race for life, but there was a race on from prestatyn running club, we waited for last runner then went along prom, but then they started towards us, eek!! there must of been 100 people plus!!

anyway we have achieved this weeks goals and apparantly we are running more than walking! Here is a pic of my fat sweaty face and my sister who looks like sshe hasn’t even ran, let alone struggled!!some people eh?

oh and we can do this 5k! I really believe we can! (11 days to go!!)


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