Bank Holiday Monday!!

Well hubby was off today so that is nice, and as my son and I have a whole week off school and work, I had promised to take him on a train that runs around the lake, however from Sunday to Monday (today!) there was a special event on with all these old trains, apparently this will probably never happen again as it is too expensive to transport them to different places, they are small steam engine trains, here are some pictures, there were so many people we couldn’t get a proper picture of the train(s), but we did have a ride on one, here is a few pics and a video!! Sorry the quality is not fab, but they were on phone!!

The cheeky pair

Waiting to go

Here is the view as we went round:

Signal Man

Signal Man

Wonderful views

Sometimes the best views are right on your doorstep!

And a little more:

Training to be a signal man!

My son is going to become a signal man!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my posts today, please comment if you can, I love to read them!! 🙂 I try to reply to everyone too!!

Well a very eventful week so far, and it’s only Monday, I was MEANT to have a relaxing week!!


oops nearly forgot the vid!! (and it won’t let me upload because it’s MP4) sorry! Will try to convert it in next few days!!



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