Couch to 5k (feeling better!!)

Well my lovely sister is feeling a bit down today, so she didn’t feel like a run, though she did go for a run yesterday so… WELL DONE YOU!! :P, as I haven’t been feeling that well (as in my post the other day!) but am feeling much better today, and as I haven’t ran for a few days I decided to go on a bike ride instead, we have had our bikes for quite a while now, but haven’t had chance to go on them, and the seat was VERY painful, but my hubby brought me a very nice and comfy seat from Aldi, today is the first time I’ve had chance to try it.

Here is a pic of me after my bike ride, and yep that smile is genuine I never ever thought I would be able to feel this way ever again!!


After my bike ride!!













And boy was it fun, that bike is FAST and my running has obvously helped my breathing as I had no problem going up hill or riding my bike MEGA fast, only tommorow will tell, wonder if my legs will ache!! Here is some pictures of the wonderful views that made my bike ride even MORE worth it!!


This is our normal running place

My phone does the view NO justice

Relaxation at it's best

The Sea sounds so inviting!


Well here is those pics, don’t forget to look at my other posts today, I have uploaded a pic of a amigurumi teddy I have made for a friends VERY VERY VERY belated birthday. And Also my little train adventure today!!


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