It feels like my birthday!!

Today I woke up and it was a normal(ish) kind of saturday apart from me going to feed my mother in law’s cat while she is away visiting. So I do that and when I get back my hubby has gone to the paper shop, so I get a picnic ready, when he arrives back he hands me not one but TWO bunches of flowers, lovely pink roses and mixed flowers, purple ones (my fave colour) and a choccie orange, how lucky can a girl be? Very apparantly!!

I then went in the car and forgot to put my sis milkshake in the green box (she had asked me day before) by now, we have gone through heavy traffic, so we dropped off key at hers, my little sister then gave me a lovely pressie, a VERY colourful cushion that she had just finished THAT second. Am I one lucky girl today or what?!!

And I bought Sims 3 Generations 😀 So today was a very good and productive day, I also got a new sports bra (finally) and a lovely lovely comfy hoody!

However on a more negative note, I forgot to go for my run today (oops!!) and Sunday!! (damn!!)

NOTE: I started this post on Sat 25 June, but kind of got distracted by the Sims (sorry!!) so now I’m rushing this post  a little as have to get stuff done for work tmrw 😀 will post pics ASAP.


blessed be



Ouchy, wk5 run2

well I’ve achieved the impossible, I can run again for 15mins, it should be 16 but the second 8min was tough and I had to climb over a gate (oops!) I prob stopped less than min but am putting it there for arguments sake.


anyay I still have managed to regain fitness despit not running for a long while so am v. proud. here is another red face pic of me…. enjoy.


a la beetroot!lovely jubbly non? haha, anyway I have another challenge over the summer hols, I’m going to learn cantonese!! any help would be appreciated!!! 😀 but for now.. blessed be


I'm captain hook, Arrrr

My not so little pirate

Well that time has come again for me to realise that my little boy is not so little anymore, I can’t just say sit with me and have cuddles and be content to have a cuppa and watch real rescue’s, he can only last 15mins before the jumping wrigling etc starts (that’s if he even lasts that long!) and he’s off, running and jumping shouting, oh well, I remember when he used to sit with me and fall asleep and I would kiss his nose, now if I get a couple of kisses a day I count myself lucky.

I don’t see why I’m suprised people have warned me that he will grow up fast that once he starts school it flies, especially if your working, that I’ll miss the time I used to have him when he was little, and I guess they are right, I DO miss him, and sometimes I think why can’t he be home with me all the time, but I know he needs to grow and learn some independence and I have to let go, I just wish I knew how much it hurt deep inside me, I NEVER expected that no one tells you that, I guess I wouldn’t either it’s very personal, it’s a strange feeling like you have been handed an amazing gift but you are not allowed to touch it, you can only look at it, forever and ever, but if you touch it it will dissapear, tha’ts how I’m feeling at the moment, I’m feeling like my baby is in reach but when I reach out to him, he goes further away!

Tomorrow he has his “transition day” (doesn’t that sound strange?), that means he goes to school ALL day, from 8.55 to 3.15, at the moment he’s only going in the afternoon from 1.00pm – 3.15pm!! not only that but he’s had a trip today that’s also been ALL day, so I’m not sure what to expect, I gave him a shower, lots of attention kissess and two stories at bedtime plus some poems (they are in the bedtime book), so hopefully he will have a restful sleep, but it doesn’t stop me worrying, he’s going to be in his new class (where he goes in September), but I really just want to hold him tight.

Maybe it wouldn’t be as hard if I knew that I may have another child one day, but I know in my heart of hearts that despite wanting another child deep down, we could never afford it for a start, but I don’t think I could cope, and maybe my depression would set in again, maybe not, but I for one am not wanting to risk it, I want my lovely son to have his mummy in one piece, for his mummy to be able to take him to the park and take him different places, not become a recluse again and I don’t want him to see me like that, so sometimes in life we have to make personal sacrifices and I’ve made a few, but this one is the hardest of all, because all I ever wanted to be was a mummy, and I got that, so I’m not going to be greedy and ask for another miracle, because I love the little miracle that’s sleeping in his bed tonight ready for another BIG BIG day in school.

Blessed be


More updates for Race for life!!

Here are more pictures from the Race for life, these are the things I got, I was SO proud of THAT medal!!


Hard work was worth this

For my Nana


click on it for larger view.




Interesting ;)

I love getting these things, I think I'm rather mad!!

They always fall apart the day or two after, maybe that's just me?well this is the bag that all the stuff up there was in. I do like getting these things, but I just wish the bag would last a little longer so I could actually use it, I put a couple of things in it, when I actually felt better to go on a bike ride and it fell apart (strap fell off, hole in bottom) I would of liked to use it more than on the day, but hey ho, at least it’s recyclable eh?!



My number! "got your number" (sorry had to!)

I didn't know I had another infection!

Bloated, red face, feeling ill, but so so so proud of myself!


Well there you have it, am finally feeling much better, still can’t get rid of this cough, but I’m feeling like normal! Tommorow is week 5 run two! I think I may feel a little better.


couch to 5k week 5- second start!

Hello everyone,

I managed to do my week 5 run 1 today, after not running for about 2 weeks, It was very hard I won’t lie to you and the last run was proper tough, but you know what? I got past that “your halfway there” on the last 5min run and KNEW I could push myself, did I feel good after? HELL YEAH!! Did I run and eat choccie? NO (I KNOW, pat on back for me!), and I even went into asda, tried on couple of tops (fitted, thank goodness) and I found a pair of Jeans_ FINALLY, anyone who knows me knows the battle I have had trying to get a pair that will just fit me, they are a tiny bit baggy at front but not as much as they usually are, and my butt looks GOoood!! 😀 haha!!

So anyway back to the subject I went for my first run for two weeks on my own, as my sis is in panic mode with her college work, but she will be fine! then on Thursday we will go again, and it will be week 5 second run!!  my legs are aching and I have a trip tommorow with the children from school, it shall be fun me thinks :D!

Pics up tommorow, hope this makes sense 12pm = VERY LATE for moi

night night all

blessed be


5k Run_ Race for life

Hello all,

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time I only went back to work on tuesday after been ill, and haven’t had the energy to do much but make tea when I’ve got home, today I feel much better but for some reason have got the cough back, apparantly this can take 5 weeks to go, so I haven’t been running since the Race For Life race, so it shall be interesting to see how it goes!!

Here are some pics as promised from the 5th June 2011, my first 5k run since doing the podcast!!

  Doesn’t my sis look happy? She Smiled the WHOLE day, despite having to say well done over 2000 times O_O.







Proof I did it in 40mins, my hubby admitted he was a little late.

40 mins! Go me!


YES! My face was THAT red! (I had infection ;))

Grin and Bear it come into mind, but was feeling ok 😀













Sprinting towards THAT goal!!

"Your the world's greatest"


And apart from my hubby my biggest supporter, and biggest fan….

That's My mama running!!My beautiful son Joe, he’s 4!!

I know I haven’t done this pics in order but I hope you get the idea of the day all the same, thanks for being patient and not giving up, next monday I’m going running and will be repeating week 5, I shall however refresh yours and my memories on Monday! I think it’s walk 5min and run 20, and I shall have you know I managed to do that on the day!!! (I think I actually ran 25 non stop!)

I never thought I would ever get to that stage, but as you can see, I’m not seeming to lose ANY weight but am still getting fitter, another one to confuse the doctors eat!! I sometimes feel I should just eat junk and it will be worth my wobbles, but I actually eat REALLY healthy and make all food myself from scratch ( I don’t make my own bread….yet!!)!! Anyway rant over.


P.s. When I was poorly my lovely sister (yep one in pic) brought me some new PJ’s, so I shall have to take photo and put them on here!! Until next time.

Blessed be



Sorry about the lack of updates, I did do the race for life, but unfortunately I don’t think I should of, as I now have a worse cough, ear infection still going and chest pain (oopsy!!) So when I’m feeling a litle better I will post pics, but for now I just want to let you know I did run for at least 25 min no stop, and I walked, ran, walked, ran, walked, ran, walked and sprinted the last bit….

my time? 40mins 16 seconds, chuffed? HELL YEAH!!!

Thanks for reading, will update my blog as soon as I stop coughing my guts up 😉


Oh thanks for the amazing amount of page views I got too!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

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