Things that were long forgotten…!!

Sometimes, when my little boy does something funny, I wish people could be there to witness it not just the living ones but the ones that are no longer with us in this world, it makes me sad, that the things that he does and says will be missed by those people so dear to us!! Anyway the reason I decided to do this post, is because this week seems to be a LOT on reflecting, and I’m finally trying to get my house sorted, so we have clear surfaces and no (or hardly) clutter about, then it shall make it easier to clean our house (and keep the blumin moths that like our house so much at bay)!! During my little cleanup (I’m now on our bedroom, only 2 rooms to go after that), I found some interesting things, some old newspaper cuttings, drawings from my sisters when they were little and other bits and bobs, so I am going to share them with you! These are the things that made me smile while tidying my room 🙂

Well errmmm there is a rather (HUGE) slight hitch, I tried taking photos of the pics etc, but they aren’t showing up to well, the best thing would be to scan them but our printer broke (it scans too!!) so this is going to be a post about well nothing, but hey it’s the thought that counts eh? Will post tommorow after my run.

Good night


Blessed Be



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