Week 5 (day 2)!! OUCHI

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Well, I’m sorry there are no pictures but I shall find something that resembles our faces after our run, as you know this week we are having three different runs through the week, today was:

walking 5 minutes 

running  8 minutes -quite hard, when she said half way I though …omg I still have four mins to go, then it felt better and the last 60 seconds were the hardest

walking  5 minutes – quite surprised at how quickly my legs recovered

running  8 minutes – OMG!! This is what pain feels like, not to bad until after you hit that half way mark, I really really really wanted to stop,  I had slowed down and I was hurting BAD, but then we kept going and I kept saying to myself can’t be that far off now, should be coming to that 60 seconds to go…and then it hit me, my legs just wanted to buckle, I was really struggling, I thought, I’m going to have to stop and then she said…..:


60 seconds to go!!!

Well, me and my sister thought we can do this and we got that last bit of energy from somewhere and we DID it, we really did, I had a really BIG sense of achievement this time, because I was struggling so, also I have an ear infection so told myself It was an even bigger achievement, because when you have an infection of any kind, it makes you tired HAHA!!

So if any of you out there are still thinking, there’ s no way she was unfit as she says she was, no way she couldn’t do that before, I tell you I really really couldn’t run a minute without feeling like I was dying, I couldn’t breathe properly, and I noticed before I started doing this, that I was struggling to breathe just to walk a short distance or up stairs again, now it’s not half as bad, Please please grab a friend or two, or even start on your own if your not confident, when I started the first time I got up early in the morning (it was winter) as it was dark, or waited until after dark to go running, because I was so embaressed about my wobbles, but with my sister by my side, we just chatted and I realised I didn’t care what anyone thought anymore because I was going to be fitter, and they were just jealous. You really can do this!!


My race for life is on Sunday(yep tommorow June 5th 2011), my first 5k to run!! Please feel free to sponsor me, wish me luck, send me comments and advice I would appreciate it!

my next run for week 5 says walk 5 min and then run 20 min, so I thought I would warm up with everyone else and then I shall try and run the whole 20 mins from start of race, my hubby is going to put some really good upbeat music for me on my mp3, and breaks in the song to tell me if I’m half way, to keep going etc, and when I have 60 seconds to go, on Sunday I shall post my time and some pics!! I’m nervous already!!! ~Thanks for reading.

Blessed Be





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