5k Run_ Race for life

Hello all,

I’m sorry it’s been such a long time I only went back to work on tuesday after been ill, and haven’t had the energy to do much but make tea when I’ve got home, today I feel much better but for some reason have got the cough back, apparantly this can take 5 weeks to go, so I haven’t been running since the Race For Life race, so it shall be interesting to see how it goes!!

Here are some pics as promised from the 5th June 2011, my first 5k run since doing the podcast!!

  Doesn’t my sis look happy? She Smiled the WHOLE day, despite having to say well done over 2000 times O_O.







Proof I did it in 40mins, my hubby admitted he was a little late.

40 mins! Go me!


YES! My face was THAT red! (I had infection ;))

Grin and Bear it come into mind, but was feeling ok 😀













Sprinting towards THAT goal!!

"Your the world's greatest"


And apart from my hubby my biggest supporter, and biggest fan….

That's My mama running!!My beautiful son Joe, he’s 4!!

I know I haven’t done this pics in order but I hope you get the idea of the day all the same, thanks for being patient and not giving up, next monday I’m going running and will be repeating week 5, I shall however refresh yours and my memories on Monday! I think it’s walk 5min and run 20, and I shall have you know I managed to do that on the day!!! (I think I actually ran 25 non stop!)

I never thought I would ever get to that stage, but as you can see, I’m not seeming to lose ANY weight but am still getting fitter, another one to confuse the doctors eat!! I sometimes feel I should just eat junk and it will be worth my wobbles, but I actually eat REALLY healthy and make all food myself from scratch ( I don’t make my own bread….yet!!)!! Anyway rant over.


P.s. When I was poorly my lovely sister (yep one in pic) brought me some new PJ’s, so I shall have to take photo and put them on here!! Until next time.

Blessed be



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