couch to 5k week 5- second start!

Hello everyone,

I managed to do my week 5 run 1 today, after not running for about 2 weeks, It was very hard I won’t lie to you and the last run was proper tough, but you know what? I got past that “your halfway there” on the last 5min run and KNEW I could push myself, did I feel good after? HELL YEAH!! Did I run and eat choccie? NO (I KNOW, pat on back for me!), and I even went into asda, tried on couple of tops (fitted, thank goodness) and I found a pair of Jeans_ FINALLY, anyone who knows me knows the battle I have had trying to get a pair that will just fit me, they are a tiny bit baggy at front but not as much as they usually are, and my butt looks GOoood!! 😀 haha!!

So anyway back to the subject I went for my first run for two weeks on my own, as my sis is in panic mode with her college work, but she will be fine! then on Thursday we will go again, and it will be week 5 second run!!  my legs are aching and I have a trip tommorow with the children from school, it shall be fun me thinks :D!

Pics up tommorow, hope this makes sense 12pm = VERY LATE for moi

night night all

blessed be



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