More updates for Race for life!!

Here are more pictures from the Race for life, these are the things I got, I was SO proud of THAT medal!!


Hard work was worth this

For my Nana


click on it for larger view.




Interesting ;)

I love getting these things, I think I'm rather mad!!

They always fall apart the day or two after, maybe that's just me?well this is the bag that all the stuff up there was in. I do like getting these things, but I just wish the bag would last a little longer so I could actually use it, I put a couple of things in it, when I actually felt better to go on a bike ride and it fell apart (strap fell off, hole in bottom) I would of liked to use it more than on the day, but hey ho, at least it’s recyclable eh?!



My number! "got your number" (sorry had to!)

I didn't know I had another infection!

Bloated, red face, feeling ill, but so so so proud of myself!


Well there you have it, am finally feeling much better, still can’t get rid of this cough, but I’m feeling like normal! Tommorow is week 5 run two! I think I may feel a little better.



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