It feels like my birthday!!

Today I woke up and it was a normal(ish) kind of saturday apart from me going to feed my mother in law’s cat while she is away visiting. So I do that and when I get back my hubby has gone to the paper shop, so I get a picnic ready, when he arrives back he hands me not one but TWO bunches of flowers, lovely pink roses and mixed flowers, purple ones (my fave colour) and a choccie orange, how lucky can a girl be? Very apparantly!!

I then went in the car and forgot to put my sis milkshake in the green box (she had asked me day before) by now, we have gone through heavy traffic, so we dropped off key at hers, my little sister then gave me a lovely pressie, a VERY colourful cushion that she had just finished THAT second. Am I one lucky girl today or what?!!

And I bought Sims 3 Generations 😀 So today was a very good and productive day, I also got a new sports bra (finally) and a lovely lovely comfy hoody!

However on a more negative note, I forgot to go for my run today (oops!!) and Sunday!! (damn!!)

NOTE: I started this post on Sat 25 June, but kind of got distracted by the Sims (sorry!!) so now I’m rushing this post  a little as have to get stuff done for work tmrw 😀 will post pics ASAP.


blessed be



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