I thought it was meant to get easier??

Yesterday and Thursday I ran, on thurs I ran 16mins again (just) but yesterday I ran 3 5 mins and I found that tougher, how is that possible? when I have longer breaks and shorter runs? I have no idea, sorry for lack of picks my phone not wanting to  play ball, so I have to wait until I can come on computer and then I can’t get phone to connect, must be that time of year.

Anyway there’s not much to see, still not seeing much difference in my body, which is such a shame, perhaps I’m just being bodyblind? if there was ever such a thing???

Maybe I shall take another photo of me in running gear and see, also maybe I shall start doing a food diary (pic may be better) of whatever I eat, each day and then maybe I will see if I’m going wrong, if not at least I have a record to take docs, I really really really don’t want to go back on those tablets, they make me SOOoooooo tired:(

But we shall see. I shall love you all and leave you. Thanks for reading! Sorry about the very boring post, not having a good day today and I don’t want my negativity to rub off on you all!!

blessed be…until next time



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