week 6 part 2!!

This is how I feel about my wobbly butt!!Wow today was a little tough (10min run,3 min walk, 10min run), as this is the first time we have run for probably a week, unfortunately life doesn’t always allow for your fitness regime to come first!

However we are doing amazingly well if I say so myself, we did the run today, and our legs hurt, they were screaming for mercy but we got there in the end our legs still attached, we did our stretches (yep and my sis – Good girl ;)) too, and my legs are a bit sore inside but I know tmrw the pain will pass and by Thursday I shall be ready for another run.

But…we won’t be running thurs as have got my younger sister’s School leaving concert, she will be going high school in September, my baby sis all grown up,so scary that, I feel so old!! So watch this space on Friday that is going to be our 25min run. Wish us luck!! Thanks for reading, if the spelling on here and the spacing is bad, it’s because my keyboard dying. sorry!!!

Blessed be



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