They don’t tell you how hard it’s REALLY going to be!

I’ve had many challenges thrown at me through my life, many I have overcome, some I can’t do nothing about, yet having a child, yes I know that everyone tells you it’s going to be difficult and people say that it can be challenging at times, but what they don’t tell you is WHY it will be challenging, or they brush over the worst parts (maybe they have forgotton?!)

I love my son to bits, and I don’t kow how I ever lived without him, but sometimes I really really really don’t like him (I know I said it!!), because he can be horrid, (judge me all you want!) he can go for 3 months not listening, (or trying to) so I actually start to doubt myself and my timeout cushion (believe me do NOT give up!), but I know he’s testing me I just wish he wouldn’t as it’s tiring, it’s frustrating and I cry a LOT!! But you know you go a couple of weeks or more like that and as you reach breaking point, he will do something so sweet/cute/kind, that every other thing that has annoyed me, worried me goes out the window, because there he is, my little boy he is there still, and this person who I’m not liking very much just for that moment has gone, then it just helps me remember that he’s learning it’s not personal and he loves me still.

My little boy has been potty trained for a while, he was later than most, but I managed to get him trained before he started school (don’t worry if yours aren’t ready especially if they have their 3rd birthday’s July/August) however suddenly he started wetting the bed I took him doctors despite my instinct saying that he was fine, but better make sure eh? when it came down to it, he was just testing to see what happened, now this is very difficult situation non? because  you musn’t shout at  a child who wets as it may be an accident yet if they do it every day only with you, alarms start ringing don’t they? With behaviour charts, time outs and lack of cartoons and the wonderful support of mum in law, we got there and I thought that was the end of it. How wrong was I? Next he decided he would pretend to go to the toilet when he had his wash before bed so in the morning he was waking up wetting the bed, this didn’t take as long to sort out think it lasted about a week and2 days in all!! Anyway I posted this in case someone else had he same problem, my son doesn’t go by the “normal” rules, he goes one step beyond, and as much as I search for a solution to the problems on the net and in baby/toddler/parenting books the answer I need never seems to be there!! If I can help one person I shallbe happy. Until next time.

Blessed Be



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