week 6 part3 completed and run 7!

Well we managed it, yesterday but I was kinda too tired after a morning and an afternoon play and the parents in the class after, and the late night as I couldn’t settle! So I think I did well to run at all lol, We did it and I found that the last bit as usual was a bit of a struggle, I hit my personal wall, but carried on through it, and then I was okay at a steady pace, made me laugh when she said

“you have been running for 12 and half minutes now, bet you didn’t think you could do THAT  a few weeks ago did you?”

do I feel proud? yep. smug? hell yeah! 😛 haha

When it got to 60 seconds she said, if you can try and run a little faster so me and my sister did, we cover so much more ground now, I wonder how many miles we do?? Anyway we have another run of the same tommorow. Until then …

Blessed be



One response to “week 6 part3 completed and run 7!

  1. I really wished I had a tracking device to see how far I went. Running on the treadmill vs running outside is totally different. I think running outside, I cover more distance.

    Good luck! You’re almost there!!

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