week 7- 25min run

Raindrops keep falling on my head!!well am super proud of myself and my sister, we not only ran 25mins we lived to tell the tale, we didn’t chicken out despite, gale force winds, terrential rain and a mini sandstorm. I shall post a pic of us drowned rats at the 3nd of this post. To celebrate we had a hot water bottle and a lovely hot chocolate..oh and some crips (naughty!)

I thought it would of been harder this time, but w did stretches befo9e we went an”dwe coped fine, we both felt our legs shout for us to stop but we pushed through and that didn’t last as long this time, I’m kinda dreading week 8 in case I have been lured into a false sense of security by my body and I can’t really run this much it is just some sort of figment of my imagination!! I’m on a mission to see how far we run though!! well week 8 (wow!we got this far??), here we come, for week 8 we have to walk 5min run 28mins. 3 min more, we can do that can’t we? Pics of us soakd to skin


"caught in the headlights"

Head over to my sis blog to see what she had to leave our house in as we were both soaked through! She borrowed my clothes lol, suprised her trousers didn’t fall down, she that much smaller than me!! night and blessed be xx


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