You win some, you lose some!

and boy didn’t I lose one today,I  couldn’t get my breath in my lungs, I couldn’t make my legs go, finding little goals along my route didn’t help neither did telling myself I only had 5 mins or anything, all my tricks didn’t work today, am I gutted? you bet, I’ve done all 25min runs and the first da* of the 28 my damn body let’s me down, but yeah I’m a little upset and annoyed, but next time I’ll blumin well do it, even if it kills me!! oh and above all that an old knee injury keeps flaring up= I’m trying to ignore it!!


Not only this but after my disasterous run I needed the loo so sooo bad!! so I went into the only place that hs a toilet (a theatre!) and had to endure strange looks from people dressed smartly in the theatre foyer during an interval, gawping as me bright red face and sweaty dressed in sports gear walking through them all just to use the toiet!! embaressed me? a little!! Good job I’ve had a baby I say, my dignity went 4 years ago lol.

My sister did fantasti so WELL DONE!! and she really helped spur me on, she even came back for Sioned_ THANK YOU xx


here is a pic of the other day when my other sis came running too, us sisters stick togethershe is on second week of plan and doing well, and another pic of my delightfully red face.

'Oh weird a human beetroot!!'

.now please excuse me while I die of pain and self resentment. until next time.

blessed be





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