Couch to 5k _ Having to RESTART! :(

Well after that awfully long break from running I have now had to start again, as my fitness has gone right back to the start, I can run a little further than I could at the very beginning but my breath and my lungs again feel like they are on fire 😦 so here is me having to start once again, I made it nearly half around the marine lake which is something like 1.6 miles (the whole way round!) sorry am rushing this post but I have a super busy day at work tommorow so, I will try and update better tomorrow night ( I know I spelt that wrong the first time) anyhow I shall not be giving up I will keep going, and I need to be able to run 5k easy as I want to beat my time for the Race for Life next year, which YES I have already signed up to! Thanks for reading 😀

Blessed be



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