Slimming Day One (let’s call it that shall we?)

Well here is an update on my Goals (if any achieved!)

  • Goal One – To Run 10 mins no stopping by 17 September 2011 –Not there yet, but I did go for a run in the rain, visability a big O! But I walked for 1 min ran for 3 (with 5 second walk) 1 min walk back with stitch (but hey I ran for three and my lungs burned so so much!)
  • Goal Two – To lose 4lbs by 14 September 2011 – Today I weighed in and have lost 1lb this week 🙂
  • Goal Three – To Stick to 15 or less Syns a day – Today and everyday hereafter – hmm jury out on that one, I cut piece of cake for hubby, for son and then I cut a piece for me and ate it, it wasn’t until I had the last bit in my hand I realized what I had done *cry*
  • Goal Four – To Eat more “Free” Food than Syn food – Today and everyday hereafter  – well I think I am making a start 😛
  • Goal Five –  For someone to notice I’m losing the weight without me telling them ;) _can’t predict THAT! – Not yet
  • Goal Six – To Write in My Food Diary – EVERYDAY!! Oh yeah (goes and does it now! when finished blog.)
Well I think I have had quite a productive day I joined minimins this morning that is a fab site if your losing weigh, changing lifestyle, exercising etc, such a wealth of info on there!!
So Today I felt tired and slugish which was not ideal as the new nursery children were in again today, we have a few tears which is hard, but they cleared up pretty quick so that is good, if tomorrow goes just as good that will be idyllic, but it prob won’t work out like that will it?! Waking up at 4 am is probably not the best way to deal with a day like that either is it, my sub – consious must of been worrying about my grandad!
Anyways here is my Food Diary – Yep am going to public my food diary so in the hope that I won’t want you all to think that I’m the pig I really am (haha) and start eating better, also i will see how my weight losses are affected! (In Theory!)
7 September 2011 – Food Diary (sw)
For breakfast – Kellogs Frostie Cereal bar – 5 Syns
Snack – Hot choc – cadbury light fudge – 2.5 syns
Lunch – 3 babybell lights – Healthy Extra A/B
Lunch cont – Cucumber Sticks x 6 – FREE
Snack – Pom Bear pizza flavour crisps –
Tea – Chicken Stir Fry and small slice of home made pizza (including the dough!)
Afters – Twirl – 6 (sugar forgot about that!)
Afters – Cake (that big mistake I WON’T be doing again!)
Afters – Strawberry’s – Superfree
Afters – 2x Med Meringues and Squirty cream (with the strawberries mind ;))
So erm that’s not so good now is it? Oh well let’s try harder tomorrow! 😀
Thanks for Reading! Maybe if I have time tomorrow I’ll update some pics of before and after!

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