Slimming from 2nd August 2011

well I thought I would let you in to a little secret not only have I been running but I started Slimming World Online on 2nd August and as usual for the first 2 weeks was super focused, I have fallen off the bandwagon a little bit so I thought by posting my progress on my blog it will keep me motivated and it worked for my running so what the hell eh? And If I can Run and Lose weight that means that anyone can doesn’t it? As you all know I have an underactive Thyroid so it’s pretty difficult losing the weight and then keeping it off! But I will do it, I need to!


I have signed up for the Race For Life in September next year, and though I’m not sure of the date I shall be fitter and slimmer by then, I’m not hoping because I want a positve light on things in such a dark time in my life, and I am not going to fail this time, I want to look at pictures of me and go, oh well can’ t change the face, but who needs to with the body I got 😉 haha, If  I can smile at myself in the mirror instead of looking disgusted at my self I would of achieved one of my goals. So here it is my Goals for this year, ohhhh Shall I be brave? Shall i put dates as well? Oh yes I think I SHALL!!!


  • Goal One – To Run 10 mins no stopping by 17 September 2011
  • Goal Two – To lose 4lbs by 14 September 2011
  • Goal Three – To Stick to 15 or less Syns a day – Today and everyday hereafter
  • Goal Four – To Eat more “Free” Food than Syn food – Today and everyday hereafter
  • Goal Five –  For someone to notice I’m losing the weight without me telling them 😉 _ can’t predict THAT!
  • Goal Six – To Write in My Food Diary – EVERYDAY!!
When I have achieved something I shall but Date Achieved next to it! Wish me luck.
Thanks for Reading.
Blessed Be

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