Well sometimes life just throws everything at you…!!

Hello all, well I am afraid to say I didn’t go running the other day monday, because I was going to with my sister but she had other commitments and I was too lazy to go on my own, but now I’m regretting it because it’s the best stress reliever EVER, so am going today on my own if I have to!!

I have had some more sad news about my grandad, hopefully he will get this operation because if he doesn’t then the outlook looks super bleak, so I have thrown myself into weight loss and exercise in the hope of being control of my weight if nothing else! (don’t worry won’t be getting obsessive or anything!)

I’m hoping no scratch that, I WILL be the size I want to be by september 14th 2012 or EARLIER, I am doing slimming world again as it’s the only thing that seems to work with and underactive Thyroid, I have lost weight before if I can get below that 14 stone 7 mark I will be well on my way..and I’m getting there, it is SLOW progress but it will work!! Won’t it boys and girls? 😀

So I shall post tonight the result of my time distance (if I can work it out) of my run, unfortuanately as I stated before I’m right back at the start so I think probably 5 mins is my max but I couldn’t run 2 at the start so I guess that’s progress right?

Thanks for reading.

Blessed Be


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