Couch to 5k and losing weight

Well I have decided for now I am going to concentrate on getting fit at home as the nights are darker and my sis has now gone to falmouth Uni, so I would be going on my own, and that’s a little scary! So I will do bike rides and do exercises and work on my cardio!

Well today I achieved another goal, someone noticed I was losing weight Yay! I haven’t done super well this week but I maintained which is amazing because I thought I might put on this week, but it’s ok I need to keep focused do my exercises and keep eating well, my weight should hopefully just keep going steady, I know it’s only a 1lb a week but it’s amazing how better I look already not only that but how I feel, I thought if I lose some weight and work on my cardio and fitness then It may be easier to run as I won’t have the weight to deal with as well!!

My Grandad has had an op and is in ICU recovering well, so fingers crossed everything will be fine, my Nana is having a scan but I know no more on that front. I am still going to work as even though my emotions are completely frazzled it helps to focus on losing weight and work right now! That is another reason why I’m not posting a lot but keep checking back please!

On a good note Sims 3 works on my laptop YAY!  Im having baked cheesy potatoes for tea (YUM!)  oops that’s reminded me they should of been on hee hee wait…ok back..oops got super distracted and washed the dishes too, oh well at least I don’t have as many to do later!!

Well that’s it for now, I’m working up the courage to show some before and now pics and then maybe as I lose the weight I will show more after pics, I found a wonderful blog on blogger, this girl Hannah is amazing you should see her where IS that link….well I found This one be warned once you look at this blog you will want to read all her posts well I did and they are super super good!!

She is my inspiration 😀 that and a few other things but she has shown me that I CAN make it!!

My insecurities of losing weight are :

I STILL won’t like my body

My saggy tummy will STAY saggy (and that is despite it shrinking so far…!!)

My hubby won’t love me anymore (now that is probably the craziest one because he met me when I was 10 and half stone!!)

I will still not be able to run without collapsing and/ or burning lungs

I STILL won’t be able to fit into those beautiful clothes I see for sizes 8 -12(12 at a push sometimes too and 12 is a nice size isn’t it?)

I will still hate the pictures of myself

and probably more that I can’t think of right now! Well that’s all for now folks!

Thanks again for reading!


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