I have been neglecting my blog, I apoligise!

Well now my head seems to be getting back in gear and I have stopped crying every other day (minor breakdowns!), I think I am now strong enough to pick myself up dust myself off and start right again, so yesterday I did 10min exercise of Ski somethings well you kind of do the same motion as a cross trainer..guess what?!! I did the WHOLE 10 mins and it killed but I DID IT!! Now that is the main thing isn’t it? so yesterday I rested today I haven’t done it yet, but I will later when hubby goes rugby but this time I’m gonna do some work on my tummy, it’s getting out of control and Im a little worried, I am now at 14.4 so that is progress in itself, because I passed my 14.7 mark, so I need to really think about what I’m eating and how much exercise I am doing, I was shocked at how little I have done!!

My fitness is there not as much as I had when I did my 25min run, but enough to be able to do stretches, jumping jacks and the 10min ski somethings workout amazing!! I don’t look good yet..but I sure feel good inside!! I have cravings for apples..which can’t be bad right? and CHICKEN!! I can’t get enough CHICKEN!!! lol. sorry for short but sweet post (is this short?) I will be posting some patterns I am going to crochet up here too, now the winter has set in it will be films and crochet YAY!! 😀


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