I don’t know i…

I don’t know if I have put in a earlier post, that I suffer from Endometriosis, I’m sure it’s somewhere towards the start of my Couch to 5k battle!!

Well I have been having a few niggles here and there but thought nothing of it, I went to the doctor after I felt like the bottom half of my being, was shattering into a million pieces, that is the only way to describe it, the pain took my breath away!! They put me on an emergency list to see the gynea, as I have near enough exhausted all options to “cure” this horrid disease of mine!!!

But this Monday it became a lot worse, it was right back at the start!! I am in constant agony, my ovaries (or where I think they are!!) hurt like mad, the pain in my lower regions my stomach and all that area feel like someone has been hammering away at me with a hammer and nail, I took my medication, which is pretty strong, but it hasn’t even touched the pain. 

I went to the doctors today, and for once I saw a sympathetic doctor (and he was MALE!!), he explained that when you hit your finger with a hammer and nail you can pinpoint the pain, even if you didn’t see it, however the pain I’m having isn’t like a normal period, when you have the pain then the stuff comes away and the pain dulls, he said because the pain is not within the uturus, and it has somehow gone elsewhere (lining of my stomach and the walls around, I’m guessing probably ovaries too!!) my brain can’t pinpoint the pain to the exaxct spot, so there we go. 

I kinda know that anyway but for him to explain it in the terms he did made me feel like he understands and doesn’t seem like he is trying to fob me off. (which has happened so much in the past!!)

Well anyway so here we go Im guessing on a start of my difficult battle for life against Endo once again, here is my first (I’m hoping my last!!) Image, signing me off for ten days all together!! I’m terrified that they will no longer see me as a candidate for the job that is coming up, I’ve been sacked from two jobs in the past because of this horrid disease, I’m praying that this will not be the same this time.

Apparantly there are only two options left, hormone tablets (which I’m sure I have tried before!!) that make you put on weight, give you more hair etc because it switches off your ovaries. That option I will not be going for, and the other is the one I didn’t want to have to go for, but if it helps, well then I shall, and that is surgery, Hysterectomy I’m guessing, but you know what I have one beautiful miracle of a son, that I could never believe would happen to me, I would rather have the quality of life for him and my hubby and me of course than, suffer “just in case” I want another child!! I know I’m young but I chose life over pain any day!!

Sorry about my ramblings, but this is where I go when I need to express myself and my worries. Thanks for reading 😀



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