A day in the life of Abi

Well today, I thought might be a better day as yesterday I felt a bit better, the pain was a bit easier and I didn’t need as much strong tablets, however, the sickness crept up on me at night and I was wide awake at 3.10am until about 6.30 , I was so wide awake I managed to do like 4 crosswords, spot the difference and wordsearches, normally I find these a struggle but I whizzed through them like a woman possessed lol!!


Yes at this speed!

This is what it felt like when doing my crossword!!

So here goes my battle once again, I feel sick and dizzy on these tablets, and nodding off with no warning, yesterday my hubby was sitting playing on the computer and I was sat on the sofa, the next minute he was holding a plate of food in front of me, I had been sleeping!!!

I’m sorry if you find this boring, but this is the way I find to cope with my Endo, I write how I feel down, find some humour and hopefully it will help in the future.

I don’t know whether I said in my other post that I prob only got two options left, but I think my hubby may want another child

Is this what it would be like? Minus the dog

This is my fear!


before I have the surgery (if that what I would go for) but I don’t want any more, I don’t think I can go through the stress and the strain, and the baby days again, I really really dont want post natal depression (which is likely and a higher chance) again, I want to enjoy my family and be happy, I am terrified I wouldn’t cope with another one, it’s bad enough coping with work, housework, washing and cooking, my house is not the neatest, it’s cluttered but clean (mostly!!) but could I imagine a baby in that mix, in this bungalow too? nope! But I guess we will come to that bridge when we come to it!!

But still I don’t know if I could..!!!

Questions in my head

So much to think about!


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