Happy Mother’s Day

Well I’m still feeling sick in the morning, if I didn’t know any better, you would have thought I was pregnant (I’m not honestly!) I’m still on about 6 tablets a day (yuk!) and my infection is no better, I’m spending that much time attached to my hot water bottle, I’m suprised my hubby isn’t jealous of it!! 

I have a little teddy called blue, when I was younger and this Endo lark first started ny hubby got hin to cheer me up, he has HAPPY BEAR written on his top, and it always cheers me up, my son has most of my teddies now, but the other day I was feeling particullary down when, my hubby comes into the sitting room, with a cheeky grin, and wiggles the teddy (like you would to a baby from side to side, I told you I was a big gkid!) and he made the teddy give e lots of hugs and kissess, well it cheered me up. I’ve had a nice sleep cuddling up to him (the bear not hubby lol) and last night I tried to sleep in my own bed instead of sofa, that was a waste, my neck hurt, I felt sick, I was itchy, lost count of loo stops :/ ughh Do I hate being ill or WHAT?!

Well today is Mother’s day and my son (actually hubby!!) bought me the new Sims3 game, called Showtime, but it was the special edition one with Katy Perry, it has a poster (which is v. nice actually) and two guitar picks (I know I don’t play, and your point?) I am such a lucky lucky girl! He gave me a card he had done in school (will scan later if can, or remember!) and also one he bought me, the one he had bought me, he coloured the picture in for me all by himself, he did a pretty good job too, there was a lot of colouring to be done, and you know boys and colouring!! (or is that just mine?)

Well yesterday my hubby took my Son to the Cinema (I didn’t go as I’m still not well, and ride in a car =agonising pain!) to watch TinTin, afterwards he went and picked up a new printer (just like this one) .for me, as my old one’s power box thing went, and a new one cost £30.00 which we could get a printer for, and we couldn’t find any old ones compatible on ebay, so here we have a lovely new printer, it’s wireless too, if your wondering whether it worth it, here’s my answer HELL YEAH!  I can print from my phone, you kinda email it, it’s like a modern way of faxing!! So cool! We scanned some pics that my son had done and put them on this comp (I’ll upload them in a min!) so now I have his picture as a background, you should of seen his smile when he saw THAT!!

It’s great qualityprinter and it’s HP like the old one, it’s not as fancy looking and it doesn’t have a card reader, but that doesn’t really matter. Oh did I mention it is WIRELESS too? ARGHHH sooooo cooool!!! *ahem*

Well now I’ve come to the end of my essay worthy post I shall put some pics up!!








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