Battle of the spare tire!

Well I don’t know whether I mentioned a primal diet I found, now I tried it for a week and lost 5lbs, then I kinda stuck on it the second week (but there was lots going on, and I’m guilty for giving in to the chocs on mother’s day and then kinda not stopping with the junk :/) but still I lost weight, albeit only 2lbs or so, but to me that is AMAZING, I have an underactive thyroid, I have tried and failed to lose weight on many other diets, there was only one other I tried and that was Sliming World, I lost about 3stone all together on that, but still the weight will not shift, and If I lose weight I lose 1lb – 2lb and then it stops, this time I lost 5lb in my first week, this is what “normal” people normally have happen to them. 

I just want you all to know this, I have been eating low fat, I grill stuff or fry dried, I don’t add butter, I don’t add any fancy cream, everything is low fat, I only have 2-4 pieces a bread in the day I don’t gorge on packets and packets of biscuits and chocolates, (though I probbaly could if I REALLY tried!) I exercise, I do Just dance, I walk, and I run, yet still I’m unable to lose weight. I tried a low carb diet before but as soon as a carb hit my mouth, WOW I saw my butt come back with a vengeance, but this, THIS is something new, something that appeals to me, I get to eat meat (sorry to all the veggies out there!) I get to eat sausages (full fat ones too!!) I get to eat bacon and fry ups each morning and I can use butter and oil in the pan, I did this the first week, though it was super scary, after being overweight and being drummed into my head that I should only eat low fat, and those kind of fat things was soooo BAAAAD, I was scared, but then I thought to myself, what have I got to lose? the weight isn’t coming off, I’m just putting it on, so I’ll try it and see, I felt better in my mind, and the difference in my body was immediete, I could also eat eggs for the first time with no back pain because I didn’t have the carb and sugar that I am so used to! But I lost 5lbs in the first week eating yummy food, eating things made with butter and oil!!! So now I’m deciding to start for good, I would say from today but I guess I will have to say from tea time as I had nothing but bread and ham in for lunch and I had toast for brekkie, but I’m all primaled up, Been shopping, in fact I’m craving tuna right now, but am trying to reisist..why?…erm I don’t exactly know!! Maybe I should get a bowl of it when I have finished this haha!


So here is to the new me, I shall post pictures up when I feel brave enough (an NO that is not right now!!) I am hoping I will be able to do this and my body will like being returned to normal, it’s so amazing this diet, I can’t believe I never came across it before, but then again, perhaps I wasn’t ready then for the commitment and to let go of the safety net of sugar that keeps me so “sane”, and maybe I was too scared to think that cooking with oil and fat, would indeed help me lose weight, I’m still struggling with the prospect, but I’m buying the full fat anyway in the hope this thin woman will finally return as healthy as she once was, and that exercise and playing with my child will be rewarding as I always imagined instead of a daily battle and struggle. Wish me luck. If you have done this “way of life” or are still doing it and you have these problems that I have, pleas post any tips you have to stay on track. I think organisation is the key to keep on track, so I’m putting veg in little Tupperware pots, to make it easier for my lazy self to stay on track 😀

Thank you for reading.


2 responses to “Battle of the spare tire!

  1. Congrats on going primal! I thought I would try it for a month and expected to not even be able to stick it that long, and here I am almost six months later! The health benefits are soooo worth it.

    • Thank you, that is mainly why I started, suffering with joint pain, back pain, and endometriosis, I saw hope in it, and so far so good, I’m glad that you are feeling the benefits. Thanks so much for commenting.

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