Primal – Day one

I know , I know …I said I would start last night but I succumbed to the lure of my very first easter egg, I blame the husband, but to be fair, I went to the shop and I fought with myself, I could have won, I could have come home and just got him one and shared one with him (he’s good like that!) but I didn’t and yes I kind of sorry I did it, but another part of me just feels satisfied, satisfied, that it didn’t taste amazing, it was “just chocolate” I know never in a million years would I though I would say THAT about an easter egg, mind you, it was a caramel one not a buttons one, perhaps it’s just as well. I decided yesterday was my farewell day to coke/Pepsi max and chocolate for the next 21 days at least, then I shall see how I’ve coped and if I have done well, I shall be living like this for the rest of my life (nearly), I’m not as daft to realise that there will be times, moments even where I will have no option but to eat at a fast food restaurant or will want so BADLY to have chocolate, the only exception I’m giving myself is the occasional hot chocolate, i’m sorry that just CAN NOT go!! 😀 But you never know maybe I shall change my mind.

This morning I woke to my wonderful son, waking me up every 5 minutes, despite having giving him breakfast and saying he could play in his room…grrr I hate it when he’s in one of “them” moods! Anyway I gave in, got up and made a little pot of carrot, apples and grapes, and sausage! I had 2 sausages for breakfast and a lovely egg, have you ever tried dipping sausage in the egg yolk? Oh my!! Tastes sooo sooo good! YUMMMY, I would have put a pic but it was gone that quick didn’t think until after ;P sorry 😀

This is where we headed to, it's called Rhuddlan Castle

I had some carrots (raw) and some grapes too, and I was ok, had some water and not long after that we went for a walk I don’t know how long it was but it took about 2 hours (there and back) mind you that was dragging a 5 year old and a hubby along haha, anyway this place we walked to has an indian restaurant   and another restaurant  both that have the kind of dress code that will not allow jeans, hoodies and trainers, so I doubt that they would let 3 sodden walkers with backpacks  on to eat in their restaurant, the only other choice was KFC, and believe me  I really really didn’t want to go there, I could of took my dinner I guess, but to help me carry less weight I didn’t so yes you guessed it I had KFC and to be honest, I should of just had a wrap or just some chicken, but hubby went for burger, so I did too, and yes I felt slightly guilty but there you go, sometimes life can be a pain in the backside!

mine was kind of like this but just one egg, and the sausage dipped in the egg. YUIMMMY!!!

I am happy however that as much as I REALLY wanted an avalanche (is that what they call those lovely ice cream?) I didn’t and I’m super proud of myself, I did have a hot choc to drink there but the rest of the day I have drank water, and now I have a hot vimto. Not bad for my first day if I say so myself! Hubby and 5 year old are going to have potato cakes for tea, so that means I can make something that I like for myself, I may treat myself to an omelette if my back has calmed down, (teach me for eating kfc burger, bread and egg don’t mix for me..I know I’m weird!) but I may eat some steak and salad, actually that is seeming more appetising now haha!!

So my verdict for day one so far? – Not bad, not bad at all for a fast food and chocoholic!!


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