3rd Day and still going strong!!

Well today is the 3rd day of living primal, it’s great, I feel fantastic, maybe I’m jumping the gun but I sure hope not, my aches and pains aren’t half as bad, I’m so ALIVE it’s amazing, if I get to fee like this everyday just because I don’t eat bread and sugary stuff, then I dont care, this is so great, I’m not weighing myself until friday morn, (maybe I’ll wait until sunday) but I know I haven’t lost a LOT of weight this time, maybe it’s because I’ve just been concentrating on eating meat and exercising and dealing with family stuff, that I kinda forgot to include the amount of salad I did before, I have had some salad but I could of done a lot better.

I was proud of myself today, it was a real test, I went out for a meal to celebrate something and I ordered the mixed grill (thought I would be safe with that at least) but instead of chips and peas I had salad. Well done me, even if I say so myself, now there was a time not so long ago that I would of had the chips just because we were out. I didn’t know what to drink as the tea in this place is awful (have tried it  before) they don’t have herbal and so I went with the hot choc, the next drink I had was a diet coke ( I know, I felt really annoyed) but then it dawned on me after, I could of just had water with a slice of lemon, doh! Oh well baby steps, we got free dessert with our meals, so hubby ordered me fudge cake, I had a few bites and a small spoonful of ice cream, (it was FREE!! I know, wanted to headbutt myself!!) but apart from that my day being good!! I’ve drank lots of water today so I’m hoping that I didn’t do too much damage, but it’s a learning curve and I’m sure as hell taking a steep one!! But I’ll tell you this, it’s an eye opener, and If I feel this good at the end of these 21 days well, let’s just say Jessica Alba, watch out, I may be your competition!!! 😀 So now I’m getting excited about my sister’s wedding, and know that if I can keep to this, and if it keeps working then I’ll be able to be a size or two down (maybe more?!!) and I shall be able to wear a beautiful autumn dress,…watch this space, If I find what I’m looking for I’ll post a pic of the dress I’m thinking of wearing and maybe, a pic of me currently!! (scary!!)

Thanks as always for reading. Sorry no pics today!


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