Oh My Gosh!!!!

In 3 days I have lost 3lbs!! Normally it takes me a week (if I’m lucky) to lose just one! I am So chuffed right now, I was super hungry today and then I realised I hadn’t had much carbs (if any) and I should of being aiming for at least 50-100g to lose weight, ( more for rapid, but I don’t want super speed, otherwise saggy skin 😦 ) so I had one piece of toast with my tea, that seems to have settled my tummy a little bit. I did crave chocolate today, but even though I have a malteser bunny that someone gave me, I’m keeping it for Easter (that’s my egg 😉 ) I didn’t want to eat it, then I was hunting through the fridge, when I spied it, some Green & Blacks 70% dark choc, I broke a bit off, and Oh my gosh, I have never tasted anything so good, now if you had asked me a couple of months ago if I like dark chocolate, I would say only if there is no other chocolate, and now I’m enjoying it!! WHAT??!!!



Anyway so far so good, is this day  3/4? however I thought if I carry on losing a 1lb a day on average, that means by the end of 21 days I would of lost 21lbs, that’s nearly getting to my 2 stone!! Watch this space!! I’m so nervous, I’ve been this big for so long I’m kinda scared to be thin, does that make sense? Probably make sense to girls/women more I guess! Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I don’t WANT to be slim and sexy and full of life and energy again (it doesn’t seem that far now!) It’s just I’m scared, no terrified!!! 

Image from this to this..


Image I sure hope so. I used to look similar to this, you never know what you have until it’s gone I tell you!! Wish me luck!!



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