Oh Dear!!

A slight slip up today, but it’s ok nothing I can’t fix. I did have a good primal tea, and I’ve drank a lot of water so hopefully it’s cancelled it out …a little!! I have been sorting out baby clothes from yesterday afternoon, then from this morning until now, I have finally finished putting the pictures on my computer, into separate folders and naming them, oh my gosh, not a task I would recommend. If I didn’t need the cash I wouldn’t bother!! I just want to see them gone now. I had a little tug on the heart strings yesterday, but am ok today, now I just want them all GONE!! Well that is all for today. I know it’s short and sweet, but I’m currently uploading the pics onto a selling site (not eBay) one folder at a time!! apparently this first one is only 27/34 so far….only 4 more folders to go!! Nite nite all. xxx oh and HAPPY EASTER for tomorrow. xx


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