Well here we are again, you know I remeber a time when I was little when I didn’t eat ester eggs, because they set off my eczema, so my dad would have them, it’s only as I got older I started to get a little bothered, not that we really had easter eggs my Nana, used to bring us some, when we were teens, Mum and Dad started to buy us some too!! Anyway the reason I’m saying this is because, I have had a little bit of an easter egg, and a little bit of choccie today, but you know what, I didn’t need to have a WHOLE one to myself, I didn’t  NEED to open the box and find the chocolate buttons, no, I wasn’t too bothered at all, my son has got 7 easter eggs, 7!!!! And you know what he gave one to his Dad without a second thought, I under estimated my beautiful boy, I really did!! Then he turned to me and said, would you like one mama? I have another one like Dada’s?


This is how I felt, a proud mama!


And I didn’t even have a hard time saying NO thanks, but that was such a lovely gesture, see, this is what makes the world go round, little acts of kindness. I’m so full of Mama pride right now! I rewarded him by making his lego truck he’s been asking me to do for a while and putting some face paint on him, he wanted to be a vampire, picture this a vampire eating easter eggs..tell me about it, it was hilarious!!!!  So my point of this post really was, Im not at all bothered by chocolate as I once was, I had some, I dealt with it,I  ain’t gonna beat myself up about it, I enjoyed my chicken with the skin on and lettuce more!!!! I know, I’m crazy!! 😀

Well this was another short post, but I’m currently got into the swing of selling stuff, I’ve put my baby stuff up for sale, and now it’s the books turn, with a kindle, we can buy most books for that I guess, no it’s not the same, and yes I will miss the feel of the books, but space is a must in our small bungalow, so either the hubby goes or the books do, I need an occasional massage, and the books can’t give me that 😉

Thanks for reading!!




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