Sometimes, believing in yourself is the hardest part….!!!

I have come to realise there is only one person standing in the way between me and  and my weight loss is ME, yep little old me, I have choices and I have a choice to say no, but to please others I say yes to things I know I shouldn’t, (food related I am meaning) I know coke/pepsi, makes my stomach bloat, makes me super thirsty, yet I will still drink it! I know white bread, does the same, bloats me makes me feel tired and sluggish yet I will still eat it (albeit rarely!!) I know that when I cut chocolate out (milk choc that is) I don’t need the sugar hit I normally do,  I actually start to like the taste of dark chocolate too! When I know these things, why then do I carry on abusing my body in this way?

This is my pledge, that by September I will have lost at least 1 and half stone. I believe I weigh about 14 stone 10 currently, but I’m not going to  weigh myself I’m going to go on the way I feel, the way my clothes fit and the way my body starts to show. I have  a LOT of cellulite and I know for a fact that when I drink water, cut out sugar, real and sweetner, and I eat more fruit and veg, it reduces immensly!!

I now need to combine the exercise I did before with this primal eating, and I bet by september I shall be half the person I am quite literally. And now I even have something to aim for, actually I have more than one. My Big sister has announced she’s getting married on Oct 24 this year, My hubby’s nephew is getting married august I think and my Big little sister (she’s 5ft 10 and I’m only 5ft 6!!) says she may even make me a dress over the summer!!!! I’ll need to buy the material, and I don’t want to pay for more than what a size 14 person would, as I don’t want any extra material than that, you know what I’m saying?!! 

I just really need to keep on track now!! Any ideas from anybody out there for keeping me on track very much apprecialted!!!!

Anyway that’s all for now, I’ve had a few difficult weeks with my son going through a “I wanna be a teenager at 5” stage and aquiring selective deafness already, (funny how they always here sweeties or food 😉 there’s a tip for you :D) Also my lovely little boy going through some health problems, so I shall update if and when I can. Thanks for reading and as always, post a comment if you want.