Race For Life – 3rd year and a backwards step :(

Well hello everyone I know I keep posting a few posts and then not posting anything for ages, I think I got out of the routine and I’m struggling at the moment!! My Endo is at it’s full force, and I’ve had to take tablets nearly every day this week, and all through the day, and my battle with the doctors is starting again. Anyway that story is for another day. Today I just wanted to say this, 



And you know what the first time I walked it, I was so chuffed as I had lost weight, my endo pain had gone (mostly!) and I could walk it, last year I managed to run/jog/walk it and I was so proud of myself, hence the title of my blog, however I’ve not been able to run since my last run,as my body just can’t cope, the idea was I would lose a lot of weight and then try again, that is NOT going very well at all, and now because I’m back in pain on and on the tablets, I’m having to walk this year!! Gutted, tell me about it, however my little sister is walking with me so that makes me feel less ashamed and embarrassed, My other sister (the one who helped out last year?!) is in Uni in Falmouth, she is amazing artist and designer in the making, so she can’t make it back in time, therefore my little sister stepped in, I think she is probably excited!!! She is 12!! Bless her 😀


I’ve put on my Race for Life back sign the following:- (sorry about the caps but this is how it’s written!)

I race for life for (I have drawn tickled pink logo signs here)


         AND FOR —



NANA. (drawn a sad face here) (24 SEPT



So there you have it, and my race number is different from my last, I will post pics that my faithful supporters (hubby and son) will take of me in all my glory (oops that didn’t sound good) .well you know what I mean! That could of been attracting the wrong kind of people haha.

When it comes to the Race For Life, I always think what I have done with my life that would make me proud, and about my Nana and my grandad and others I know who have had cancer, and I wonder if I should do anything different and I always think I should and I always think I have nothing to show, but you know what I do. so here is a small list of things as I really ought to go to bed!!

List of my life

I am kind to everyone (no matter how they treat me? hmm is that good or bad?)

I automatically pick stuff up that people knock off the shelf and don’t bother to put back!

I have a husband, who is kind, thoughtful, looks after me, has patience (this list is not in any order dear!) 

I have the most beautiful, thoughtful, considerate child in the whole wide world/universe

I have the most wonderful sisters, we are so close and there is four of them!!

I have a beautiful and kind mother in law

I have a beautiful Mother, who is always there and doesn’t mind me ranting about the silly docs who don’t listen!

I have a wonderful father, who I know would drop everything if he thought I was in trouble and is a big softie (shhh I won’t tell dad if you don’t :D)

I have wonderful family around me

I have some very close friends 

I have a wonderful Job, as a teaching assistant

I have achieved so much on my own despite my disabilities (they aren’t always visual disabilities ya know!)

 I look at my 3 page CV and go WOW I have done a lot haven’t I?!

I have a home, that I don’t own but it’s still a home

I have nearly everything I ever wanted

I have piece of mind

I have a heart full of love, that does not and will not discriminate anyone


So when I look at this list, and yeah it may seem big headed, but I don’t mean it to be, I just want to put a list here to remind me what to be thankful for and to realize no matter what happens in my future I am such a lucky lucky girl!!

Well that’s all for tonight take care all. and Wish me luck tomorrow, I hope I can walk it all, and I hope it doesn’t take me over an hour :/!!


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