Maybe I should call this blog, my messy life?!!

Well I have an eventful few weeks, first my son had two fits/small seizures in school where my son was practicing his play, during the performance of the “chicken song and dance” no less (he is my child through and through lol) he started to look vacant, he started to jerk his arms and his face began twitching, one of the teachers said he looked really pale and grabbed him because he looked like he was about to fall!! After this first episode they called me (I work in the school too) and I took him to a different room gave him a drink and he seemed a little tired and pale but fine, I asked him what had happened and he said he felt funny, hot and his ears switched off, I thought perhaps it was this thing to do with his heart beating abnormally at the moment, so when it had slowed I took him back to class, he seemed okay and not too fussed by it, but I went to ring the doctors anyway in my class, during this time he had another (which I didn’t know until after my mother in law picked him up.) both lasted a few minutes, the second time he wet himself, and perhaps soiled himself I couldn’t be sure with that one!


I thought perhaps it was just one of those things especially as the doctor didn’t seem too concerned and we waited 2 and half hours in the surgery to see them, first they tried to fob me off saying that they were only emergencies they were seeing and I could phone the next day if I wanted to, now I may be overreacting a little here, but if your child was having a fit and he never had any before and not one but two, and he was well otherwise would you think that was an emergency? Or was I being neurotic, I don’t believe I was!!


A picture he drew a while ago! 🙂


Anyway the reason I said that part of the story is because the other day Wednesday I was at school and when school finishes at 3 for the children my son comes into my class for I have to stay until 3.30 and as I have an interview this monday coming, I needed to print out some pictures, I had been making playdough and was doing something when I realised my son who had been playing in the toy kitchen around the corner was quiet, too quiet, and my alarm bells went off, I walked round the corner and my beautiful boy was face down, still as anything, now If you met my son you would know that this is not a possibility while he is fully awake!!! I shouted him, and he didn’t move I shouted his name again then he looked up slowly looking like he wasn’t quite sure how he got there, he didn’t know how he got from standing to lieying down and kept repeating that he hadn’t banged his head!! he said his arms and legs felt really tired when he tried to put them down, but the story kept changing and he didn’t seem very sure at all, (this was later on when I could get some sense out of him!!) 

I sent my child to the toilet or rather dragged him to the toilet as he did not seem to understand what on earth I was saying, he managed to go to the toilet and had a wee, and I thought, phew finally managed to catch him before he wet himself, but then I realised number two in his undies when I pointed this out he looked super shocked as if he didn’t know how that had got there, when I asked him later he said he hadn’t soiled them earlier, it broke my heart to see how upset he was.


Writing his name with faces in just like his mama does 😀


During the time after he had had this fit or whatever it was, he became a completely different child, I said “get you bag ” and he went yuhh and then just kept jumping about like he wasn’t sure of what I had just said, and he just wasn’t himself, he talked about stuff that made no sense, it was like whatever came into his head , he was pale white/grey and green around the mouth (maybe that’s what people meant by blue?)

I’m writing this not only to remind me of what happened but also to help you out there if you suspect something is wrong with your child like I did, do not leave it, and DO go to the AandE department to get it sorted I believe a mother’s instinct is stronger than any other, I was starting to doubt myself, we had to stay in overnight and my beautiful brave boy wouldn’t go to sleep until he had seen the doctor, even though we said we would wake him etc, but he would NOT go, so at 12.30 am the doctor came round asked him some questions and then said we needed to wait for the registrar before we could go home, my boy finally settled into a super deep sleep, he was absouloutly exhausted, as he is after these “episodes”, we had been at the hospital since 4.30pm it was an awful long day!!  


The registrar came at 2am and needed to take an ECG of my little boy, I had heck of a job waking him because he was in such a deep sleep, he had been so tired bless him, the registrar advised me to stay in order for us to the see the doctor in the morning. 

When we saw the doctor in the morning the first thing they did was take some blood and my boy sees me have my blood taken for my thyroid so he knows what needs to be done, he normally watches me while I look away but as it was his I didn’t think he would look, well he did and he just flinched a bit but he was fantastic even when they said they had to do it again because they couldn’t get any blood, bless he takes after me like I said, my veins hide too when they see those needles coming!!

He got 3 stickers cheeky monkey, but I was so proud of him ‘cos he was so brave, I wouldn’t of been at that age I tell you!! When the other doc/consultant came round he was very helpful and listened to what I said, didn’t seem in a rush at all, and was wonderful with my son, I wish the doctors that deal with adults took a little page out of his book I tell you!! Anyway the consultant said we were able to go home and that he was suspecting my son may be having small epileptic fits, it could be he has these then that’s it or he could have more, so we are going to have a test to see/measure  his brain waves or something, when I say that it seems odd because it’s like something from a cartoon!!



 I did some research yesterday which probably wasn’t the best thing but I need to know what to look for and I couldn’t believe the different types of fits/seizures you can have, I am concerned my son has been having seizures and I haven’t realised as I have mistaken them for “daydreaming” I know that I switch off a lot but I just thought that was because I’m dyslexic and sometimes if I’m tired I just switch off, but now I’m concened that my son’s rapid eye blinking, and hands in mouth and daydream/switch off mode could actually be a seizure. I’m going to note it down next time it happens and just see whether I should be concerned or not.

So like I said maybe I should change the blog name, because at the moment it just seems on thing after another and I have an interview on Monday, I can’t concentrate on those questions I’m just worried sick about my son, maybe I’m overreacting but to be honest I’m TERRIFIED I’m going to lose my one and only son, my beautiful baby boy, I’m worried that he will be in bed and have a seizure and I won’t be there, I’m trying to keep every day normal as possible, today I’m sure I’m driving him crazy asking him if he was okay, but he was tired and seemed a little out of sorts today!! 

Well that’s all for now, can’t believe your still reading this but thanks and if you have any advice or you know anyone who has those type of epilepcitc fits I would be very very appreciative of any advice. Thanks for reading


Blessed be 




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