Interview questions are a pain in the derriere!

I have an interview this monday and to be honest my focus is all on my son, I’m worried he’s going to fall and collapse at any moment, but I want to keep things as normal as possible for him, so I’m trying to look and not make it too obvious, I feel like he may have a fit or seizure soon as he is acting up and is a little tired, but then it could be me and my nerves making him act like that!

I have done a question and answer part for my interview but to be honest not much is going in my head, but I guess I’ll just try my best on the day, I’m desperate for this job, and I hope my lack of brain functioning does not ruin my chances!! 

Yesterday it took me from around 10pm to about 12am just to figure out what my weakness was that I could actually turn into a positive, it was and still is a bit of a nightmare, I’m good at my job (I don’t mean to sound big headed) but I can’t do these strength weakness things as I’m too honest and want to share all my flaws, however to a interviewer who doesn’t know me they could seem REALLY bad, but I can do the job and put my weaknesses aside, does that make sense? 

For example when I’m just in “me” mode, I find if a little difficult to communicate with other adults, however if I’m in “work mode” or “mummy mode” then I can come across a little more confident as I know what I’m talking about and generally I’m not judged as much (that’s work mode mainly!) You know what I mean?

Anyway back to the grindstone, I’m having little stops and playing neopets it’s the AC cup (anyone who plays neopets will know what I mean!) Also I have bought myself some more Sims3 expansion games so I can’t wait to try them out, I’m doing this when I NEED a break. But for now Ta ta


Oh and I’ll try and keep you updated 😀


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