I hate my damn nerves!!

Well today I went for an interview, I went over all the questions knew all the answers by heart, (but no I didn’t sound rehearsed!) I made my portfolio, a folder with my cv in, I felt prepared I went in and BAM, WALLOP, SMACK, my nerves kicked in and all the answers everything I do on a daily basis went


dissappeared just like that! They started with a simple question and my brain went blimourjknoih!!

Then I felt like I did much better afterwards but I was expecting more questions and wasn’t sure if I had done bad or good. Apparantly it was between me and one other, and they had to vote on us, as the headteacher said she had to go about it like she didn’t know me and just go off the written application and interview etc.

Well as you can probably tell by now I was unsucsessful, it’s sad because I love that school and I have done my placement from 2008 and then I have worked on supply and now maternity cover and this job would of been the icing on the cake, but that’s what I get for not having enough self confidence I guess!! Maybe something better is awaiting me around the corner?

Well this is all I’m posting today I need to sleep, I’ve been going bed 1am about 3 nights in a row and It’s finally catching up with me, that and my son being in hospital are now taking it’s toll and starting to show!!

I came home early today as obviously I was upset, the head drove me home, bless her she was upset too 😦 she is so lovely! So I did what all girls who are on a diet do, attacked my room with the hoover and duster, it looks massive now I’ve decluttered and put all our clothes away, and then you know what I did? ATE ICE CREAM 🙂 YUMMY!!

This evening I spent with my sisters we played on the beach, handstands, cartwheels, running away from our little sister (aren’t we evil?) We spotted a dead jellyfish on the sand, it was sad but so very fascinating at the same time!!

OMG!! I wish I looked like THAT when I was doing a handstand, or just daily actually! 🙂

Well thanks for reading as always and

Nos Da




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