Road to recovery is long and slow…!!

Well hello all, what a wonderful and sunny day it is outside, yet I’m stuck here with my friend lappy (that’s what I’ve named my laptop!) and we have been keeping each other company while the hubby and child return to work, I’m still not well enough to get a job, and I have a feeling it may be a long time until I get back to being “myself” again, however on the plus side I still don’t have as much Endo pain as before, it’s replaced by neck,back,muscle pain and fatigue, I’m still not sure which one I prefer!!!

I have been told I have Post Viral Exhaustion, which is fab because everything I have read says that there is no point fighting it you just have to accept it and it probbly will take a year or more, yes you will have muscle pain, and gland pain and sore throats and headaches, but this is part of the package, your body has been through the mill, so it takes time to recover, well I never have been one to do things by halfs I tell you!!

I am such an independent person that I find it very frustrating knowing I have to sit and rest all day, and if I need to sleep I really should (but I haven’t been…shhhhh!!), and yep I won’t be able to cook or clean for a while and If I do beware as it will come and bite me on the butt!! So I have to accept that my husband is now my carer yet again, he has once again had to take over, by making most of the school lunch and his own 😦 and making dinner when he comes home, I’ll make it up to him once I’m better 😉 (I meant by making some nice home cooked grub..geez some people :))

Well this is all I can manage to write, most of the time I’m just playing games as my right arm isn’t as weak as the other so I can manovere the mouse around, however this typing is rather hurting all the muscles in my left arm (as I’m touch typing), so as always thanks for reading and take care