Well my Grandad go through that operation, he was up and eating food, it was amazing, I finally got to see him for 5 minutes but then he wanted a new phone, so I was sat there on my phone (on the net) searching for a phone, bless him.  Because he managed to come through that op he was able to have another op today, it was a big scary op, to remove that horrid C!! They managed to remove most of it and have put another stent int (it’s like a seperator I think) so now he is intensive care, my dad is trying to put on a brave face for me (or us kids) I think, but I feel that the next 24 hours are probably critical, that’s how these things normally work isn’t it? I just hope that all this isn’t for nothing I hope he wakes, but some times things work in mysterious ways don’t they?  By the way did I mention he is nearly 90? He is also fitter than most of us young ‘uns, that puts me to shame I tell you!! Well that’s me signing off for today. *fingers crossed*

Oh and we have to wait another week, May 20th to move..but it looks like it may not be until the week after again! That means it will be a bank holiday AGAIN!! (please no!) I asked the universe to help with both My Grandad and the House 🙂


I’m back for how long? Who knows?!!

Well I’m much better I can actually do most things, though I do keep getting reoccuring illnesses I pick up anything going around which is annoying but apparently that’s the way it’s going to be for a while, I’m told I have to rest as I’m putting too much stress on my body so here I am once again taking it easy…I hope to get back to running soon but (SHhhhhh!!)


NEWS!! By the way I thought I would announce the news that we are finally buying our own home, no more renting for us, however as we are the kind of people that can never have an easy life, we have been delayed by about 6 weeks (from the moving in date!) typically british don’t you think?! So now we are basically living with the last week stuff (and have been for the past 6 weeks) Believe me it’s so frustrating, I keep thinking OH! I’ll do that and then Oh no! I can’t it’s in the garage, box/shed etc etc!! 

Also I packed away our summer clothes as when we should of been moving it was sooo freezing and cold and then it decides this week to be lovely and sunny and I’m invited to a family BBQ and I had nothing to wear (no REALLY!) So I found a t-shirt that was like a vest with a few holes in the bottom, shoved a vest under it (that worked!) and put on my jeans earrings and a necklace, I didn’t do too bad if I say so myself! HA!!

Well that’s all I’m doing for today , now excuse me while I go and rest and play Candy Crush and do some crochet ..oh and the sun looks like it’s coming out again! YAY! 

I’m worrying about my grandad again at the moment too, he’s not too well, having an op today and everyone on tenderhooks waiting to see if it works! *sigh* sometimes life is just hard!! (oh can you see what I mean about the stress?!)