Update 2013:- Can we start again please? Can we start again..?!

Well, I’m really not sure where to start! We moved house eventually, in June 2013! What a load of stress that was.


So I’ll tell you what happened, if you have read my earlier post you know we were having a bit of problem buying the house on the seller’s side, however then it really DID hit the fan! We had agreed in advance with our landlord that we would go week by week as we were ready to move but the seller was having problems his end, and all was fine, but then one day out of the blue she (I know I said landlord, it just sounds wrong if I say landlady, it’s like a pub manager or something!) said can these people come and look around, we said, well not really as our stuff was everywhere and we didn’t want people coming looking around you know got to be careful with burgulars and that 😉 Anyway she basically wasn’t going to take no for an answer so we gave in and said sure. 

The people liked the house and I knew they would want to rent it, what I didn’t know is that our landlord of (nearly 7 years) would want to chuck us and our 6 year old son out on the street!!! So we had a email off her saying that we needed to be out from either the mon(could of been tues not sure now) and this email was on the Friday, or if not, then we would have to be out within 4 weeks! Now not only is this illegal on her part as we had agreed to go week by week, but she kept putting pressure on etc etc, so we phoned shelter (the emergency line for people who are about to be homeless?) and they were amazingly helpful, so as you can see it was a little more stress added to that! Cutting a long story short we eventually managed to move into our new house, before we bought it as the seller was very kind to do that, or daft or both, but I think he knew we were genuinely wanting to buy the house, if it wasn’t for him and his kindness we would of been living in sheltered accomodation. When we tried to get our deposit back (well that was fun!) she refused as we had left (a very small) hole in the carpet, when we had moved our settee as it had pulled a bit on the carpet. This is classed as wear and tear as it was ‘accidental damage’ however she was claiming our deposit was not about to be returned because of this! Well that was it we though no way is she taking our money, so we sought advice and found that she hadn’t put it in the scheme which she should of done, after numerous times of asking which scheme she had put it in, and no reply we had no option but to threaten her with cour proceedings, next thing she is on the phone crying and upset saying that we were calling her a liar and that she saw us more as friends (Friends do not kick a family with a 6 year old out surely?!) and that she was upset and she wasn’t well etc, my husband said that may be the case but business is still business and that we needed the money, we eventually agreed on having most of our deposit back and giving her the £50 we would of given her in the first place if she had asked nicely and not gone out of her way to be a bit of a cow! 

While this was going on and we had been cleaning the said house so it was nice and clean for the new tenants (good luck to them!) I bent down to pick something up and my husband said, Ab, you have a bald spot, I said “what?!” thinking he was joking, but he wasn’t he took a picture and my world fell apart…!!! (I will write another post just for this, it going to be long!)  So not only did I have the stress of moving house, our previous landlord claiming we were liars and trying emotional blackmail (she phoned saying how sick she was and that she had to write her will that week, and that she was basically on her deathbed, and when my hubby saw her she did look skinny and ill, and it may be true, but it’s hard to believe when a few weeks later I saw her facebook profile from a friend of a friend and she was sunning it in LA having the time of her life, not someone who is sick and has to be in hospital constantly!!) but also the fact we may not of had a roof over our heads and now losing my hair..fun times! we never like to make it easy on ourselves! So there we go now your up to date!! 🙂 Please go and look at my new page and my hair loss journey…only if you want though 🙂

Take care, happy living




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