These funny joints…..

Well if you have been following my near non exsistent blog, you will know I have not been in the best of health, anyhow, yesterday I did a bit too much, so I’m paying for it today, I woke up with the top of my feet hurting, I wouldn’t mind but it’s not as If I dropped anything on them, it’s just one of these ‘symptoms’ I have if I do too much, that and weird dark bruises in weird places too, places I KNOW I haven’t bruised you know! Anyway it’s a little cold and my joints are not wanting to play much, at least my hands aren’t too bad today, but the rest of my body is suffering, I took my son to school today so that to me is good, but when I walked home it took me a while because I kept having to will my hip to walk, then to make matters worse I needed the loo, haha, too much info? yeah I think so, by the way I did make it home to the loo haha!!

I am taking this opportunity to not only have a little grumble but to also say I’m hoping to put a new blog up with my crocheted projects, I’ve just learnt how to tunisian crochet, and I also learnt how to do a graph picture out of crochet and how to do filet crochet, so I am going to post them once I start, I’m just finishing up christmas gifts then I shall put it here to show 🙂 Well not here but on this blog, as a new blog…erm you know what I mean..right?! Hope you are all having a better day than me!! Take care