My Weight and Exercise Goals!!

UPDATE – 02/04/2012

If you have not read my most recent post, you will not know that I have been poorly and training for the race for life has been on the back burner, my sister is getting married in october and I do NOT want to be the FAT sister, so my focus has been lose weight then train, and if you know me you know what a struggle and hell this is, however I have found something that has given me hope, it’s called the primal diet (though I think it’s a way of life,to be honest!) It’s telling me to cut out all the unecessary sugar, go back to basics, eat fish, meat, veg and fruit and no carbs, now the funny thing is, the only carbs I sort of like is the kind you find in chocolate and “pop” in other words – SUGAR!! Also potatoes, but I’m allowed them in moderation, which I’m not too fussed about, the only thing I actually want to throw a tantrum about not getting is, ice cream, I just LOVE ice cream!! So perhaps this is def for me!! Wish me luck I will keep you posted with pictures. Tonight (tea time, well actually now) is the start of my journey. Wish me luck or come and join me on the world of discovery..let’s go back to basics…I actually quite fancy being a cave woman 😉


Hello everyone well I have been instructed by my blog to update this page 😀  So here goes.

I Started this blog initially as I started the NHS podcast couch to 5k and was doing pretty well, this was to train for the Race For Life and run or rather jog it, and I did, this was in honour for my Nana who was suffering with cancer at the time, she has since been given the all clear, however her husband my grandad, has got stomach cancer so I need a new focus! So as I’m already trying to lose weight and get fitter I thought let’s put them both together so I’m now running by what my body can cope with after muscle fatigue (I thought that only exsisted on SIMS 2 and 3!!)

So I post my running and my slimming world goals and food diary in the hope that I can achieve goals I have been trying to achieve for the past 6 years! This  and next year HAS to be it!!!!!!

So wish me luck and join me if you like I like to see your before and after pics and your weigh loss journeys!! 😀 And most of all GOOD LUCK!!


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