Ali P, is what we in the ‘know’ call it!!

Well not only have I not recovered from that virus, I’m still weaker than I was, though I can walk 3 days a week half hour the most at one time, that to me is progress, slow progress but progress all the same, but now I am currently under investigation for Rheumatoid athritis. If that isn’t enough my body thought that hair loss would be fun to throw in too! So last june/july I found a bald spot (or rather hubby did) while I was cleaning the old house, we went to the doctors and she said it may be alopecia and that she would refer me as urgernt to the dermatologist…I’m still waiting for that appointment, it’s been over 6 months, the waiting list is 8 months, and this is my journey, I’m going to show it in pictures as it is easier for you to see.


    This is the day I had the fever feeling and a lump behind my ear, it went downhill from here!


This is the OMG picture, the day my world fell apart…again!

I cut my hair short, the itching and the pain in your would never believe!


This is what my short hair, was hiding, the hairdresser did a good job, fair do’s!


I think this was before I cut my hair short actually!


Started to find more patches of hair, more hair on the pillow more hair doing daily things, more hair in food..LOL!


Then I shaved off the bottom, I was starting to get even more worked up at the amount of hair falling out…:/


Then, my wonderful hubby shaved it all off for me, see the wig on the cupboard, it helps when you have no hair!!   


you can see how many patches there were appearing!  


I had had enough of the itching and all that, so I used hair remover cream and then shaved the rest off, sore but much better!!  

These are pics of my (badly) shaved head with patches, I was a cheetah!



and another 🙂  


A Synthetic wig (it loooks a lot worse for wear now!!)  


Another wig! I bought 3, only 2 were suitable, I had to buy them online from China, as it’s all I could afford. I had to pay import charges, so if you do go down that route make sure you check on that!

So that is my hair loss story in pictures, if you are suffering and feel alone and like no one, not even those close to you understand, the alopecia forum is an amazing place, and feel free to comment here in the guest book too, I’ll try my best to get back to you. I’m at home and near the computer more at the moment so I will help if I can. May you all have a wonderful day/week /year.

Until next time.