Well my Grandad go through that operation, he was up and eating food, it was amazing, I finally got to see him for 5 minutes but then he wanted a new phone, so I was sat there on my phone (on the net) searching for a phone, bless him.  Because he managed to come through that op he was able to have another op today, it was a big scary op, to remove that horrid C!! They managed to remove most of it and have put another stent int (it’s like a seperator I think) so now he is intensive care, my dad is trying to put on a brave face for me (or us kids) I think, but I feel that the next 24 hours are probably critical, that’s how these things normally work isn’t it? I just hope that all this isn’t for nothing I hope he wakes, but some times things work in mysterious ways don’t they?  By the way did I mention he is nearly 90? He is also fitter than most of us young ‘uns, that puts me to shame I tell you!! Well that’s me signing off for today. *fingers crossed*

Oh and we have to wait another week, May 20th to move..but it looks like it may not be until the week after again! That means it will be a bank holiday AGAIN!! (please no!) I asked the universe to help with both My Grandad and the House 🙂